Bulgaria and Business


As some of you know, I have been working on the groundwork for opening a business in Turkey. The complexity of being a foreign business owner has at times gotten me down, but I’m moving forward and learning a lot of patience in the process. Right now I’m looking for a good location for my cafe. Who knew that in Turkey you have to rent a storefront first and can then apply for a business license and work permit?  Seems a little backwards to me. In the meantime I’m also enjoying finalizing recipes, meeting with suppliers, and building out the website.

img_1232Because healthy lifestyle practices will play a big role in my business, I had the opportunity to travel to a lifestyle center in Bulgaria at the end of August. One of my friends here in Ankara wanted to make some major lifestyle habit changes and so we attended a 10-day session together. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only make a good business contact and learn delicious recipes for my shop, but to also enjoy massage and hydrotherapy treatments in a relaxing country setting.

img_1105Traveling through Bulgaria was a little like stepping back in time. The older trains and abandoned buildings in small towns were fascinating. I was extra thankful that my friend spoke Russian and could read the signs! On our last day there we visited Plovdiv. Veggic was an excellent vegan restaurant. For tea, this was a fun stop. As we were lugging our suitcases, our last stop before our late night bus ride back to Istanbul was a summer evening stroll through Tsar Simeon’s Garden to see the Singing Fountains. It was a lovely end to our trip. I hope to visit Bulgaria again to see not only more of Plovdiv but also Sofia, and to of course visit my new friends at the Lifestyle Center.


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