Geçmiş Olsun (Get Well Soon)


After a month and a half of illness and two rounds of antibiotics, I’ve finally caught up on my to-do list. Spring has come and gone and my final language 1B test is next Tuesday. I start my third language class on Wednesday.

I’d like to think that I could have healed naturally without antibiotics, and I tried with EOs and tinctures, but it was a nasty bug! To repopulate my gut flora I’ve been taking a glass of kefir every morning. I started out drinking half kefir/half apricot juice but now I can drink kefir strait up.

IMG_2193I also noticed that my teeth came out of my illness rather sad. So I found a dentist that spoke English, had my teeth cleaned, and was relieved to find out I didn’t have any cavities. I also added a couple steps to my daily mouth care routine. I oil pull every morning for 15 minutes and am flossing twice a day (instead of whenever I though of it, which I’ll admit was not that often). My teeth are now happy. Since last fall I’ve been making my own tooth powder and really like it. I also use this natural lip gloss and love it.
GF Pancakes

In the kitchen we have started branching out as we find new shops and try new ingredients. You can’t find many canned beans, or much of anything canned here, and so Justo has been mastering cooking dried beans in the pressure cooker. I’ve also found some gluten free products. I read about two ingredient pancakes but ended up using this modified recipe since I had some GF flour on hand. They were delicious! We tried several different kinds of common Turkish rice but were happier when we found basmati, our favorite, at a shop down the street. We have also really been enjoying a small variety of eggplant, swiss chard, apricots, and cherries. I’m in love with the many varieties of yogurt here (and I don’t mean brands or flavors) and am planning to do a taste test comparison blog post sometime.

I’ve started putting plants out on the balcony, mainly herbs, and will take some pictures soon. Since I’ll be gone most of July we are holding off on a summer vegetable garden and are planning for a fall crop of greens.

Elections are coming up here in Turkey on June 7 and candidates are especially fond of having large buses drive around the city blaring campaign messages and loud music. I continue to watch the journalism news with interest. I recently downloaded the NPR One app. This story made me smile as I remembered playing in the woods during recess at my elementary school in Maryland.

Now that we are getting used to the day-to-day routine of living in the city we are hoping to explore Turkey more. Next week I’m going on a school field trip and we will be taking some friends on a day trip. More updates coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Geçmiş Olsun (Get Well Soon)

  1. Elaine Dodd says:

    So sorry you were sick, Marcella, and relieved that you’ve recovered well. My, it all sounds interesting, and I think you’re very courageous . God bless you both in this adventurous journey. We enjoy your posts.

    Love, Elaine

  2. Roxanne Stevenson says:

    Hi Marcella,
    Sorry you’ve been so sick. I’ve wondered why we haven’t heard from you lately. So how do you make your own tooth powder? I’m going to look up “oil pulling” on the internet–haven’t heard of that. Your picture of the pancakes is beautiful. I’m thinking a vacation sounds wonderful! I haven’t felt very retired lately. We’ve both been so busy and the school. Oh well–it’s better to be busy than have nothing to do I guess. Nice to hear from you. Love, Roxie

  3. Faith says:

    Good to hear from you, Marcella. Glad you’re feeling better. Hope to see you if you pass this way on your trip.
    Love you,

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