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Hattuşaş Valley

June went by in a blur of language studies, visitors, elections, field trips, apartment construction issues, and planning for a trip home. Be sure to check out the Hattuşaş slide show at the end of this post.

Orchard HouseJusto passed Temel level and moved on to Orta (middle) level at TÖMER. He hopes to finish it by Christmas break and then will have only one more level to go! I’m still in the middle of Temel level but am feeling good about my progress. A school field trip to the Orchard House and Ve­hbi Koç and Ankara Re­search Cen­ter was a highlight of my class.



Bird Watching at Hattuşaş

At the beginning of June Homer and Barbara visited us for a long weekend. On Friday we had a lovely time visiting Hattuşaş and Yazılıkaya, which is about 2 1/2 hours away. Not only is it an impressive Hittite archaeological site, but it is also out in really beautiful countryside. I did not really realize how much I missed being out in nature until I was out in nature, and I could hardly stop gushing over the magnificent views and wildlife. I cannot put into words how much this trip meant to me. From now on we are hoping to make one trip a month outside the city, to refresh the soul!

AnıtkabirLast weekend, Alex, Ammy, and their boys visited from Beirut. We went to Anıtkabir, the mausoleum to Atatürk, and it will definitely be on our list of places to take visitors. We also attempted a walk around lake Mogan but were completely rained out.

At home, apartment management replaced a couple water and drain pipes in our whole building, it was a major undertaking and we were without water for a day and a half. Since then we have had a plumber here four times trying to fix a problem that we are sure was caused by the repairs. Lets just say that if we can flush TP soon and our bathroom stops flooding we will be happy. Oh the joys of living in an old apartment building!

In a few hours I leave for the GC, followed by a week with my family in Oregon. I’m looking forward to conversations in English and enjoying foods I can’t get here: sweet potatoes, blueberries and cheddar cheese, just to name a few :)

Photos of Hattuşaş

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